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When your dog displays challenging behaviour it can be upsetting, frustrating, disturbing and distressing. Your dog's behaviour is their way of communicating to you they need help, and if you don't understand what they are trying to tell you, that's equally upsetting for you and your family. Not to mention the dog!


My role is to find our the root cause for this display of behaviour, finding a solution, then working alongside you to help rehabilitate your precious friend. Every dog is an individual with a unique personality, instinctual drivers and breed traits, combine this with the environment they live in and other stimulus, you soon realise there are no quick fixes.


So if your dog barks a lot; gets aggressive around food and toys; chews excessively; display destructive behaviours; not coming back when called or any type of distressing behaviour then maybe I can help. Remember it takes time and patience to rehabilitate a dog and that's the key to success. Your dog may learn fast or they may not, but the key is consistency and repetition.

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